@teavana ‘s Shizuoka Collection

I went to @Teavana today with the intention of getting my usual supply of Tahitian Limeade and My Morning Mate and a present for my husband’s friend. Then I saw this box which looked new to me and when I asked about it they said that it just arrived the day before. My luck!!!

It’s a collection of high grade green teas called Shizuoka Collection. It comes in this rectangular green box with a paper wrapper with a descriptuon of the teas’ origin.

The teas in the collection includes Gyokuro Matcha, Fukamushi Superior, Gyokuro Genmaicha and Tama Ryokucha. So for tonight, I tried the Gyokuro Genmaicha. It is the green tea with brown rice. Now, I have tasted this ‘flavor’ before with tea purchased from Chinatown, now those were nasty. Now, after steeping, I braced myself for the big taste. OMFG!!!!!!!! It is so good. I mean really good. I almost fainted. That’s why I am blogging about this asap. Now, using the same bag of tea(as I put my loose leaf in Teavana bags), I decided to re-steep and the result is the same fragrant roasted aromatic green tea. In my next cup, I will try to steep it three times and we’ll see how it stands after.

My take on the other three teas will have to wait till next blogtime.

I am now on tea heaven. For real.

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