New Year @ Newport Beach

We’re doing something new this year and decided on celebrating NYE and NY day outside of the house. At Newport Beach to be exact. New Year’s Eve we were able to spend with friends and ended the year to the company of Ryan Seacrest counting down with family. What better way? Being in the company of family is always the best way to go. We went home to the comfort of the hotel bed at 2 am. Tired but happy, we all went to bed.

New Year’s day was spent with an entirely new set of family, more of that family bonding thing. It’s always good, that bonding thing. Decided to walk around the boardwalk and pier and browse around. Searching Yelp for a place to have lunch nearby pointed us to The Crab Cooker. We easily located it and started walking towards the place. Disappointment greeted us as we quickly find out that they’re closed for New Year’s day. Oh crap. So walking back to the boardwalk we were greeted with the red hot signage of Rockin Baja Lobster. Easily decided to eat there as we were hungry and we have decided on seafood. We stuffed ourselves with calamari, langoustines, shrimp, crab legs, steak, chicken breast and lobster tail. Ended our tummy filling meal with fried ice cream, which is more like ice cream tennis ball covered in crunchy cereal with cinnamon sugar fried tortilla chip thing. It was good. I tell you, being made to look like faux fried ice cream may be a good thing. It was delish. So we walked off those cholesterol laden proteins at the pier.

The pier is filled with a lot of stories from the people in it. Fun-filled moments followed by a trip back to the hotel to chillax a bit then spent some time at Fashion Island followed by dinner at ever reliable CPK.

The night was finished off with Law Abiding Citizen from the hotel’s pay-per-view.

Ideal? Not really but it was fun. Laid back fun.

Oh and by the way, I would love to live on Balboa Island. Really.

One thought on “New Year @ Newport Beach

  1. wow!!what a way to celebrate and spend new years eve/day! It seems the kids enjoyed it so much..pats Bea is really you!! And J! he’s Olivers..grabe pinagbiyak! you never age Pats! Take care!

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