@Teavana ‘s Tiramusu Treviso and White Ayurvedic Chai Tea Blend

Using the iPhone App to find the best tea blend for Tiramisu Treviso Tea gave me White Ayurvedic Chai as the best tea to blend it with it. So, I did that and followed steeping instructions right on the app.

The White Ayurvedic Chai has cinnamon, cloves, black and red pepper, coconut and lemongrass alongside Tiramisu Treviso’s chocolate bits, almond and macadamia brittle and orange zest makes for an interesting combination. Certainly a must try. This combo is high in antioxidants and I would say perfect for this stormy LA weather because of the red rooibos’ property to increase the body’s fight against cold and allergy. (For more information on the teas mentioned please visit www.teavana.com )

Now back to the tea that I steeped…

I was hoping that the medicinal/menthol essence of the white ayurvedic will be downplayed with the addition of the tiramisu treviso but I was mistaken. It was down a couple of notches but it was still strong. I had it plain but sweetened (with sugar rock) and I also had it with a splash of half and half and both were good. But you know me and I prefer anything latte. This combo is pretty good on a rainy day and I can have it again but it’s not on my list of favorites.

all photos from www.teavana.com and Teavana iPhone App

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