so good to be back at Matsuda (Studio City)

It’s been about 2 years since we last ate at Matsuda in Studio City. It used to be right around the neighborhood where we used to live and we would frequent this place so much. Not much anymore since it’s so out of the way all the time. This particular day I asked B where she wanted to go for dinner and she said to that place where we used to go before I had J. And being the forgetful me, I googled the place. Found it and called for a reservation. So, off we went. Got there early enough that there weren’t a lot of diners. This afforded me time to chat with Yoko.

So, we ordered with out usuals which came with miso soup and salad.

B ordered her Una Don (eel bowl)…

J ordered Salmon Teriyaki with a side of rice …

And I ordered the Super Star Roll…

J didn’t have any of his usual toys with him that night and I was surprised that he finished the salmon all by himself plus the rice. That was a lot for a teeny tiny stomach. He was so proud of his accomplishment. See…

visit Matsuda on yelp

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