Mattel Children’s Hospital @ UCLA Peds ICU … so disappointing

I’ll make this post brief as I wanted to focus on B’s last day at the hospital, Wednesday, March 3, 2010.

In the morning I talked with one of the Peds ICU residents about the plan for the day, which was do the CT scan and if all’s well we are going home tomorrow. I said tomorrow. I said that B has an appointment at House Ear on Friday @ 10 am so if all’s well we wanted to be d/c’d in such a manner where we can make that appointment. And my train of thought in this issue is based on my last conversation with Dr. Lazareff when he dropped by B’s room, wherein he said that if all’s well B is expected to go home Friday or Saturday.

A nurse asked me that if all’s good with the CT can I go home that day (Wednesday). I said if it’s early enough, yes.

So what exactly happened? Here’s the timeline…

9:10am – resident informed us that a CT scan will be scheduled today to see if everything’s ok

4pm – escort came to take B to radiology

8:50pm – official CT scan reading released, everything’s peachy

9pm – gave us our discharge papers/instructions

10:30pm – home

It was a blur, really it was. I was so scared driving home because it was raining like crazy and 405 is not exactly the safest place to be when it’s 10pm AND raining. Thank God we made it home safe.

NOW —- B has a headache and although she ate breakfast, all she did since waking up was go back to sleep. I am hoping that it’s nothing, that it will just go away.

Positive vibes.

Thank you for letting me vent my frustrations.

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