Monterey Day 1

This day didn’t start off right… First, I woke up late. Then, the car’s tire pressure light was on. Then, Kelsey ran away. Okay… Breathe… Calm down…

I woke up pretty late considering I was planning on leaving early. Soon as I woke up, I went to check if the car’s tire pressure light is on. And knowing how lucky I am, it is on. So, I knew that before we can even head out, I need to have it checked out. Then when O came home, he decided to take Kelsey out for a poo/pee session WITHOUT a leash. So, the dog ran away. And that right there cost us an hour. I was determined to look for her and finally found her.

Basically, it was already early afternoon when we headed north. Let me share some pics taken during the drive.

Kelsey’s home away from home

at some point Google Maps decided we are driving right on the Pacific Ocean

~~~~~~~~~following pictures taken in San Simeon~~~~~~~~


driving through Big Sur in between those trees is sooo awesome…pardon the cruds on the windshield as it became the unwilling victim of coastal wind that carries with it stuff that I will not even bother to think about


after checking in at the hotel, we were all hungry and I asked for recs from the front desk and one of them is the Old Fisherman’s Grotto so we decided to go there for some seafood

Wharf Pasta

Macadamia Crusted Halibut with Coconut Shrimp

Kid’s Chowder and Fries

Creme Brulee

Blueberry Bread Pudding

the candy store next door has this taffy pull

After being so full from that dinner… we went back to the hotel and enjoyed our accomodations …

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