Monterey Day 2

I forgot to post pictures of the room I have taken yesterday. I was really in love at how the room was laid out. I just booked a double queen on and this is what I got… pictures were from yesterday and this morning 🙂

2 doubles/queens on left and on the other side of the tv is a seating area with a gas fireplace... to the right after the "closet" on the middle is the breakfast nook

breakfast area

view from the patio door

street view .... Pacific Street

fountain and stairway at the front of the hotel

view from the patio door again using a wide angle lens

the seating area has this loveseat and 2 armchairs

We got breakfast from the salon and took it back to the room to enjoy our food along with the view and the weather.

Then, off we went to Pacific Grove Marine Gardens Park

Then we are taking a ride through the  17 mile drive…


love that strip of sea green color at the top of the pic

imagine if you live right on the coast??? a little piece of heaven...

purposely focused on the branches framing the picture... don't even know if that's a good thing to do

Then off for lunch at Pebble Beach…

even the clocks are Rolex'

view from inside The Lodge

left side view from outside The Lodge

the patio of The Lodge where you can sit and gaze at the sunset

accomodations at the Pebble Beach Resort with beachview

future Tiger Woods perhaps ?

the course

The Lodge

golf's important people ... I guess

poor baby 😦

where we had lunch

town center

Then continued on to a scenic drive through Carmel. What’s so cool and unique about this quaint little town is that the houses don’t have numbers. Instead, they all have names like “The Sandbox” or “Sand Dollar” or “Del Mar”. Sooo cool. I didn’t take any pictures though for fear of doing something illegal hehehe 🙂

I can get used to living on the coast

I would like to be the owner of this house. The @thebaghag once asked if I have 1M (in US dollars mind you) what would I buy... I'll buy this (considering this has to be under 1M because I think waking up to the view that Carmel has to offer, this is LUXURY

goodness! imagine you're on an Adirondack chair with feet up on an ottoman reading your favorite romance or mystery on your iPad or Kindle with the sounds of the ocean waves setting the background for those mini-movies on your mind as you read your book ... wishing is free right?

flowers ... not perfect

at some point they used to be pretty

imagine what separates you from the beach is the road and flowers

By this time all of us were beginning to yawn and close our eyes, the sound of the waves not helping us be awake. Our next stop was supposed to be the Carmel Mission but as soon as we hit parking lot everybody decided to take a nap even J was already asleep and there’s no way me or O will carry him while we tour the mission. By the time we woke up the mission was already closed. So we decided to stroll through the Cannery Row instead.

the luxurious and romantic Spindrift Inn

of course we have to take this picture! so cuuuute!

At this point it’s already raining so we just decided to go back to the hotel and call it a night.

3 thoughts on “Monterey Day 2

    • aww, thanks! Don’t forget to skim off the floating “fat”. Easier if you have time to let the beef boil to tenderize then refrigerate then you’ll see the “taba” will harden then it’s easier to get it out of the dish.

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