shut down so shut up

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Received a piece of good news today, not necessarily good for me but still a joyous piece of info. When I shared this tidbit to “somebody”, I was met with negativity shooting left and right, top to bottom. I can feel the sarcasm, loathing, resentment and general distate oozing through the phone as this piece of news was digested. I feel bad for the recipient of the good news. This person doesn’t know how the whole brood feels. I know there are unfavorable circumstance surrounding the “news” but I genuinely send happiness and good vibes to the “recipient”.

My point is, why be so negative? Why should you be affected if you’re just an observer. Why not give people a chance? People can change and if they don’t then it doesn’t matter because you’re still the same person. Why be so discriminatory and judgemental? Sometimes it’s fun to do so but there’s a place, time and topic for that.

I am not perfect, in fact, I’m far beyond perfect. But what I try to do is always see the good in people. I might get hurt in the process but I think it’s worth it when you find that people can change for good.


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