letter from a happy mom

Hi Setsuko,

Just thought I’d share with you what happened after school today and in particular what Bea said…After Bea had her after school snack she said she’s ready to start reading books from her brother’s Tag Junior

and Tag (Leapfrog products).

So we started reading and she started getting frustrated. It looked like it’s not going to work. She couldn’t understand a thing the unit was talking about. We stopped after trying for 10 mins.

I became a tad bit disappointed and my heart fell just a few notches. But then that invisible lightbulb flashed and I went to my son’s room and took out Bea’s old toy from when she was 5 years old. It was a Fisher Price Powertouch Learning System.

Now I don’t even know if they’re still selling this thing. I bought additional books on Craigslist two years ago in preparation for when my son starts to read.

What’s so awesome about this “toy” is there’s an option where you can just press the words and it will say that word. (isn’t that brilliant?)

So now she can actually read stories on her own pace associating sounds she hear on her implant and the word it represents. Wow!

Then I said, “This was such a great idea from Setsuko. I’ve never would’ve thought avout this”.

Then… get this… Bea said “She’s leaving next month. I’M GOING TO MISS HER.” W-h-a-t?!?! You know why I’m so surprised by this? Because I know her and she does not miss people. She doesn’t cry at movies and she doesn’t get attached to anybody. I mean, really, this is such a big deal for me and for her.

Oh Setsuko, why do you have to go? We have finally found THE PERFECT AUDIOLOGIST. Hahaha…

We wish you the best! And we will still you before you leave.

Much Love,


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Posted by nuts4pilinuts at Monday, June 7, 2010 4:58 PM

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