The DVR was set to record Chef Rodelio Aglibot’s show, Food Buddha, on TLC. I was able to watch both episodes and I think (remember it is MY opinion) that the premise of the show has promise.

I believe that the main idea is that Chef Aglibot travels to different cities and dines at 3 of the city’s notable restaurants and orders OOE. Now we have a new abbreviation to add to EVOO (made popular I believe by Rachel Ray). OOE stands for one of each. I think he does this to get the story of the chef or maybe what the restaurant represents. Either way, the menu tells the story and by ordering OOE you get the whole story from the cover page to the glossary. It’s kind of like an expanded version of Top Chef Masters‘ final challenge wherein the remaining 3 masters are asked to tell the story of their life as a career in 3 plates.

And from all these tastings, he gets to go home to Chicago and create a new dish inspired by one of the dishes that he sampled.

I think it’s an excellent premise for a show and I would watch it. What was unappealing at first was the thought that here’s a chef who looked like a buddha would order OOE and eat all of it. What? I myself am NOT a “skinny marie” I am in fact overweight (okay, hold your horses, that in itself is a story and I’m not going to go there) but I’m not a glutton. What I realized soon enough is that they (Chef Aglibot and whoever may be accompanying him) are consuming everything that they ordered. It would seem like it but you’ll see that they are sharing food amongst other diners. Now that’s more like it. Whew! How exhausting trying to explain that!

So, am I fan? Yes! I am now inspired to look at the menu in a whole different light. I may not go for the OOE option but I will definitely take time in looking at the menu and try to guess what the story is. And what do you know, there goes another challenge on eating out. Dining out made more fun/educational?!? I’ll take it!

Posted by nuts4pilinuts at 12:30 PM on Tuesday, June 15, 2010

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