i want to dance naked in the moonlight

i want to dance naked in the moonlight

There are three things wrong with that title:

(1) It’s broad daylight as I’m writing this.

(2) I’m too fat right now to prance around naked.

(3) I don’t dance.

But all I want is to lose myself in the sensation, to savor the freedom of dancing naked, to bask in the anonymity afforded by the darkness, and to embrace the sensuality of it all. To be with myself again, to get to know my soul once more, unencumbered by the cares and worries of daylight.

To dance naked in the moonlight…

– above blog post by weiwitch at http://weiwitch.blogspot.com/, reblogged with permission

You might ask why am I reblogging a friend’s entry. Simple. As I have mentioned on her comments page and on twitter, this blog post has been like my pandora’s box.

Dancing naked in the moonlight for me means:

It’s ME time. And I haven’t had ME time in a very long time.

Looking back at my life, my journey, my trials, my daughter’s hardships and triumphs and my son’s having to settle as 2nd to his sister.

Having to come to grips to the kind of childhood I had or the lack thereof. The sense of abandonement that’s still ever present despite time. Time does not heal wounds. It didn’t heal mine.

I would like to end this with gratitude because there are a lot of things that has happened and that I am thankful for.

I am thankful for…

my kids and their good health

my sister/BFF

old/new friends including the author of the above blog post

my health

Posted by nuts4pilinuts at 11:23 AM on Friday, July 9, 2010

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