Jeepney Asian Grill

After watching “Noy” at the Cerritos Town Center, my SIL and I decided to drop by Jeepney Asian Grill for a late lunch. The shopping complex was easy to find and housed other Filipino establishments like Red Ribbon Bakeshop and Pinoy Pinay. First impression as I opened the double doors was that it was bright and airy. It’s almost clinical. Made homier with big panoramics of a jeepney and fruits.

I was greeted by their gelato display freezer and I immediately knew I have to leave room for dessert. Even @carolineadobo reminded me.

I am now irritated at myself for not taking a lot of pictures. I would’ve love to post their choice of lighting fixture as it was very chic and modern. For seating, they did not stick to the typical Filipino choice of plastic chairs instead opted for dark stained cushioned seat. The overall feel is that of clean yet comfortable. It is not your typical “turo-turo” type of establishment.

I saw ADOBO FLAKES on their breakfast menu and I knew what I wanted to order.

It came with garlic rice, 2 eggs and the adobo flakes encased in deep fried molded lumpia wrapper and 2 slices of honeydew. Presentation was very cool for a Filipino resto. Not even Max’s plate like that.

Now time for the much raved about gelato. Our server Julian (at least that’s what I think his name is based on the name on the check) suggested 3 scoop sundaes and we chose the one with Sans Rival and Mango.

Should I mention how GOOOOOOD that SANS RIVAL gelato was? Nope. I’ll keep that a cret.

Hahaha…NOT! I loved it so much I ordered 3 pints to go (1 for the BIL #2). Julian was very good in packing the gelato, wrapping the containers individually in foil then plastic bag and then placed inside another plastic bag with ice.

And a few hours later, ice cream’s intact and ice still frozen. Good job packing the gelato Julian!

Oh and before I forget, we had the calamari to start and it was good. Very crispy.

Jeepney Asian Grill

11900 South St., Suite 101

Cerritos,CA 90703

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Posted by nuts4pilinuts at 8:42 PM on Sunday, June 13, 2010

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