Style Your Sole at Nordstrom’s The Grove

note: This post originally appeared yesterday, July 3rd 2010, at Culinary Adventure on the Streets of Los Angeles by mistake…

Earlier today was THE day if you wanted your TOMS shoes customized. From 1-4pm there were 3 artist who will customize your TOMS in whatever design your heart desires.

Elizabeth (black top on above picture) designed B’s shoes… which turned out to be extremely cute…

I wanted one of the stars on the Philippine flag but Blake (guy wearing beanie in the first pic above) had a hard time making the yellow stand out against the gray canvas.

Lastly, I wanted something artsy fartsy with purple and green so the other artist(so sorry I completely forgot his name) made these…

It was a good shoe-shopping day. Bought 3 super comfy shoes for us and 3 to be donated by TOMS.

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Posted by nuts4pilinuts at 10:17 AM on Sunday, July 4, 2010

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