Sa Yo Lamang

I made plans with my SIL and two of my MIL’s boarders to watch Sa Yo Lamang over the weekend. We planned on the 5:30pm showing but when we got there it was all sold out and the next available showing would be 10:40 that night or next day (Sunday). We decided to do the 10:40 since we didn’t want our hour and a half drive to the movie theatre go to waste. So we walked around the strip mall, had dinner then rested in the car before going in at 10pm.

We thought we were there early to get good seats but no…By the time we got inside the theatre itself which was around 10:05, it was already packed. We ended up breaking up in twos. JOS MEH! Good thing I was able to sneak in my iced coffee 🙂

The movie was sob-inducing. I can, not only feel, but hear the whole theatre crying. I heard sniffs in succession coming from different locations in the theatre. I even participated in that activity. The movie’s story line played on family events and situations that more often than not happens to one’s family. If we are not neck deep in such situations, we are related to or know of someone in that kind of situation.

It showed the parent who leaves the family for another person, the dependable oldest in the family who felt responsible for stepping into the other parents’ shoes, a resentful sibling, cheating, disease eventually death.

You can tell the movie was directed by a very good, very wise, veteran director. I know Lorna T. and Christopher D. were good, award-winning actors but I especially liked them in this movie because their emotions felt so real. It felt so raw. And that’s why, I think, the whole cinema was at the very least quietly shedding some tears. One of our companions even said the guy sitting next to her was quietly containing his sobbing.

So after the movie I understood why it was packed.

After the movie I thought a lot about Papa and how after 21 years the pain of losing him was still raw. I never really got over the fact that they didn’t tell me he was at the end of his road, that they didn’t let me spend a few moments with him before he passed. I grew up with my maternal grandparents and I’m close to both of them but I am especially proud to be papa’s girl.

Papa, I miss you and I love you very much.

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