Manny Pacquiao at Santa Monica Place


With a misunderstanding and miscommunication, the family ended up on the way to Santa Monica to finally see what’s the fuss all about Santa Monica Place. Getting there on a Saturday evening was easy as there was no traffic. However parking on the lot adjacent to SMP was another issue. While waiting for an elevator to stop at our level, one of the traffic people asked us if we were there for the Pacquiao event. We were like… “what event?”. Dude goes “you didn’t know? that’s why there’s a lot of people here parking and everything”. So guess what? Here’s what greeted us as we entered first level…

Manny and Laila Ali at the Nike Live Presents Manny Pacquiao

Manny and LV in the apt 🙂

Manny leaving at the end of the event with security, entourage and paparazzi in tow

the stage adorned with MP logo

After Manny left, we walked around the place and stumbled into CB2. I didn’t go inside but I know I have to come back just for this.

CB2, the more affordable version of Crate and Barrel

And then I encountered the wonderful storefront of All Saints Co Ltd (London).

All Saints Co Ltd

from floor to ceiling, it is adorned with antique sewing machines


vintage Singer sewing machine

Before going home, I took one last picture…


view of the Third Street Promenade from the Level 2 deck


i love manny’s jacket sooooo much… where can I get one or something really close to it?

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