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Recently I came across a parent whose parenting style is so different from my own. The style is so opposite mine that it totally changed my opinion of this person.

I believe in not just providing one’s children with the basics but doing so with a lot of love and affection. And not just the basics of food, clothing, roof over their heads & education, but also providing them with experiences that makes them a well rounded child. I am also guilty of spoiling my kids once in a while, so what. I spend quality time with my kids doing what they like to do, eat and watch. I believe that quality time is all bout the kids and their interests. It is separate from a parents time of doing errands and such with kids in tow. I believe that when kids express interest in a particular subject, it should be explored, nurtured and supported. How else will they know what to do with their life if they don’t know what’s out there?

That’s why it irks me when I hear people say why do they have to “serve” their kids when all they’ll ever do when they grow up is leave them to rot. Well, by treating them that way you’re instantly guaranteed they will do just that.

As parents we are tasked to provide our children with all the necessary tools, education and experience so that they will grow up to be functional, educated, informed and well-rounded.

And I take that responsibility very seriously as should every other parent on this planet. Seriously.

choose happy 🙂


this is all just my opinion on my blog 🙂

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