p***** i**! moment

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oh my…I was waiting in front of a food truck waiting for my order when this group of guys and a girl came to order their lunch. Girl is Filipino while the dudes were from a land known to handle my credit card’s customer service department. Food truck has a Pacquiao special and the dudes were making jokes that the girl should order the special since he won and all that. One such dude said something about Manny P might be the next president and girl was like Filipino’s don’t even like him blah! blah! blah! And girl went on to say that how can he be president when he’s not even educated. Okay… you can roll your eyes now.

Here are several links to articles about Manny Pacquiao going back to school…

from ABS-CBS news – http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/video/sports/05/20/10/back-school-incoming-congressman-pacquiao

from Google News – http://www.google.com/hostednews/afp/article/ALeqM5jXj4Dvg-I0W0-DmQ-oVuiJkL3h0A

from examiner.com – http://www.examiner.com/republican-in-national/champ-on-campus-pac-to-attend-university-of-the-philippines

And talk about CRAB MENTALITY. Just because he’s a boxer with a Visayan accent does not mean he can’t serve his people. What do you know about public service anyways? Just because he gamble does not necessarily mean he’s going to run out of money in 2011. What do you know about being rich?

My point? Why be so freaking JUDGEMENTAL? Why put down a person a lot of Filipinos consider a living legend. He may not be a lot of things but he truly is a great athlete. One of a kind. Unique.

Just like I’m such a big fan of Manila Machine, I am also a big fan of being Filipino. As people, we are not the best breeds out there. Yes, I am still insecure why I can’t be taller than 5″1″. But as a person, especially a mom, I do try to focus on the positive. That we are very hospitable, friendly and helpful. That we are resilient and hard-working, among other things.

I am proud of being Pinoy and I try to be a positive Pinoy. Shouldn’t you be? Yes, girlfriend, I’m talking to you…

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