unchartered territory at the lake

I started coming to Lake Balboa in the fall of 2002 and I only know about 3 things…

The man-made lake

The much-better playground…

And the ducks and birds that little toddlers love to feed…

Two days ago I decided to take my son and our dog for a walk along Balboa Blvd. I noticed this path going under the bridge

Under the bridge…

Emerging from the east side of Balboa, I noticed that there’s a stream (?) running under the bridge. LA River isdatchu?

Walking south towards Burbank Blvd, I noticed that there’s another walkway on the other side of the “river”.

This side has more natural light coming through (at 8:30-9:30am) and is cleaner than the other side.

This is what greeted me as I emerged from the “tunnel”. Like a scene post-tropical monsoon, the really bad kind.

I never thought about our safety when we went under the bridge but I’m thankful that nothing happened. Call it paranoid but better safe than sorry.

I wish that the city would improve this area of the park. Then it wouldn’t be such an eyesore.

xo, Emilie
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p.s. I used TrueHDR, an iPhone 4 camera app, to take the pictures on this post. Check it out at the App Store.

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