I <3 handbags

Some girls like shoes, some like clothes, some like diamonds. I LOVE  handbags. I also love flats but my drug of choice is a purse. I’ve blogged about this Bottega Veneta handbag a while ago (read it here).

Bottega Veneta Scarabee Napa Bag in Brown

If you like being functional without having to sacrifice quality and workmanship, this Bottega Veneta bag is perfect. With a price tag of $2380, it seems a little out of reach. Just checked in at BLUEFLY and they are now at $1904. Almost made you think twice, right? Well, almost.

I was browsing through BAGSNOB‘S entries on Bottega Veneta handbags and I came across this one…

Bottega Veneta Pourpre Intrecciato Shiny Calf Bag (image from bagsnob.com)

The post was from February 2010, way before I started reading bagsnob. I know, boohoo, what kind of baglover am I if I don’t read BAGSNOB, right? I know. Moving on, I love this one. I really do. However, this is no longer available in stores as it was from at least a couple of seasons ago. Maybe it’s time to visit Desert Hills Premium Outlets in Cabazon?

x0, Emilie

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