kindness named ana

I’ve veen having my alterations done by the same seamstress the past 6 years. I used to go to her at the cleaners and now I go to her house whenever I need her. Everytime I go to her house, she always have something for the kids like toys, candies or posters. This time around i happen to be sick with a nasty cold, sinus problem, coughing, joint pain, the works.

When I came by to pick up our clothes, she gave me a bagful of oranges from her yard.

How thoughtful is that? Here’s her yard where all of her trees are full of bright balls of oranges. It was dusk and the powers of the iPhone4 can’t conquer the environmental conditions. But they are there.

Used TrueHDR app on the iPhone 4.

xo, Emilie

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