Sweet Butter

This blog post is long overdue. I’ve taken a bit of a break from all things social media but now I am slowly bringing myself back to posting/blogging about materials I’ve gathered throughout my own holiday (away from social media, that is). Sweet Butter is among that pile of drafts.

After all the reviews from LA Weekly to Grub Street LA and Eater LA, I thought I should try it out with my bestie to all things food, B.

signage along Ventura Blvd

One immediately notices that they’ve utilized their exterior and made it into patio seating area which would be a perfect spot provided the perfect Los Angeles weather. And if you haven’t noticed yet, we happen to go during that time when it rained non-stop for days (take note: flooded street). I particularly love the black awning with matching black wicker woven chairs and those light fixtures are just elegant. Very bistro-like.

on Matilija Ave.

The front also has patio seating on both sides of the “gate”. This time there’s benches that run across both walls with accent pillows.

along Ventura Blvd

pillow throws were added at patio area for comfort

As soon as you enter the gate, both walls are flanked with plants, almost made me do a double take as if I’m going into somebody’s home. There’s two doors, one’s the kitchen and the other’s to the cafe & market.

hallway along the entrance

wall adornments

door to the market

My eyes were immediately drawn to these market totes. Made to be decorative but served as a reminder for me on how people do it in Europe when they go to their “marketplace”. I still see some people carry such totes during farmers market.

adorable market bags

The chalkboard was full with their menu and there’s a lot to choose from.

menu on the blackboard

holiday light fixture

oh my look at all those sweets!

enormous gingerbread house

Walls are converted into shelves.

I love how they made the interior very homey despite it being a market of sorts.

to go sides and dishes

more food!

how cute!

I ordered the Madam Chocolat hot cocoa and it was just perfect considering the weather at that time. It was rich and decadent.

Madam Chocolate hot cocoa

The grilled cheese was good. It was really really good. And the shoestring french fries that went with it was just perfectly fried. It was crunchy and hot.

grilled cheese

I heard about the Chef Ludo-approved Croque Monsieur and of course we have to order it. It was soooo good. I still have dreams about that sandwich. It was just delicious.

croque monsieur

To end our perfect late lunch on a very rainy day, we had cupcakes and those were sinful as well.

cupcakes for myself and B

And what a perfect sight to end our first visit to Sweet Butter


double rainbow over the valley!


xo, Emilie
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Sweet Butter is located at:

13824 Ventura Boulevard
Sherman Oaks, California 91423

Phone: 818-788-2832




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