Furla Piper Tote

On my previous post I was obsessing over Foley + Corinna’s Jet Bag in leather and linen combo and before that I was obsessing over the black leather version. One day, while B and I were at the mall I noticed this purse that remotely resembles the bag that I’m obsessing. Went in the store and tada!!!!

Furla Piper in Mamey, front

Furla Piper in Mamey, opened

Furla Piper in Mamey, back

Meet my recent purchase (well, not so recent anymore)… Furla’s Piper tote in Mamey (brown). It is so much more elegant than F + C’s Jet. The color combination I love to pieces. And the convenient full width zipped pocket with padlock in the front is not only convenient but makes it irresistible. I also love how it comes with a zipped compartment in the middle convenient for those things we want hidden but conveniently located in times of need. I’ve had it for a while now and I took it with me to San Francisco and I couldn’t complain. Am I happy with this purchase? Yes, I am 🙂

*images from furla.com*

xo, Emilie
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