Urban Decay’s Naked Palette


Urban Decay's Naked Palette

Urban Decay's Naked Palette

Holy Cow! A Beauty entry *shocked look*…hahaha! I know, I don’t look like the type who’s into make-up and such. But I am, I’ve always been into skin care and beauty (not that I’m beautiful, mind you). So enough of me!

I’d like to focus on this product, Urban Decay’s Naked Palette. Now, being the skin care & beauty product whore that I am, I’ve pretty much spent so many dollars on the new and/or the best in so and so. Call me an unpaid product tester. This eyeshadow palette is the most easy to apply and universally appealing (in my opinion). No wonder it’s always sold out in store and online. It gives you a nude/naked eye to match that overall “no make” look that you’re trying to achieve. Application is easy and smooth. It comes with 12 shadows that will take you from day to night.

I like how From Head To Toe‘s tutorial shows a great neutral smokey tutorial…

For that “Kardashian-look” check out MakeupGeek‘s tutorial…

OxfordJasmine‘s tutorial is all about that glowy, barely there kind of look.

I liked how she offered this tiny tidbit of info about applying a matte eyeshadow after the primer, check it out…

OxfordJamine's useful commentThere you go…now it’s time for me to experiment on my Naked Palette.
xo, Emilie
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