If you’re Filipino and has knowledge of what a pilinuts is, then, having “nuts4pilinuts” as a twitter username is pretty much self-explanatory. I probably have roots in the Bicol region (where you can find lots of pilinuts) and loves the nut.

So to make everything official – I am Filipino with roots in the Bicol region specifically Albay province. I grew up eating pilinuts in different forms. My favorite of all is the bonbones and the mazapan de pili.

Recently, I received a package in the mail from a very good friend on twitter, @moiabet. Mind you, we don’t know each other personally. We just happened to be two Bicolanas who met on twitter.

She had a friend that came to the US and so knowing how much I miss them (pilinuts) she had her friend mail the stash to me.

pilinut stash

pilinut stash

Imagine my delight! Inside was Pilinut Cake, Bonbones de Pili, Mazapan de Pili, Pilinut Boat Tarts and Honey Glazed Pili Nuts.

Thank you so much Abet! You’ve truly made me very happy 🙂

xo, Emilie
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