Chanel Le Vernis in 597 Island

Chanel Le Vernis Summer 2012 Collection
source: via Emilie on Pinterest

I am a huge fan of Chanel Nail Polishes. I collect their seasonal offerings. And pictured above is their limited edition, Summer 2012 collection. The colors doesn’t really say summer to me but I like them nonetheless.

Chanel Le Vernis in 597 Island
source via Emilie on Pinterest

For todays blog post I will be talking about the shade Island from Chanel’s summer 2012 collection. I am going out of my comfort zone and posting a pic of my nails, they are not perfect and while my t-zone is oily, the rest of my body is actually dry and my fingers are not spared so pardon the dry skin. Now going back to the business at hand, I find this shade very “frosty”. So to tone down the “frostiness” I used a matte top coat, also from Chanel. The end result is a very beautiful nude pearly beige that’s a matte metallic, if that’s even possible. I love it!

Chanel Le Vernis in 597 Island

Chanel’s matte top coat proves to be very useful in situations like this. This shade is actually multi-purpose, for a more holiday type of events you can use it as is and to make it less obtrusive and more everyday friendly top it with a matte top coat.

It is limited edition and is priced at $25. Available anywhere Chanel is sold.

xo, Emilie

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