Guerlain Limited Edition Terra Soleia Bronzer

When I went to my local Neiman Marcus to pick up staples, my lovely Guerlain SA told me that she has set aside something for me. I generally don’t like gold anything (except for white gold) but this is an exception to that rule. It can really be that subtle glow if you just dust it ever so lightly.


Guerlain Terra Soleia


Guerlain Terra Soleia


Guerlain Terra Soleia

I have to say I’m a sucker for aesthetics. And I fell for this. Thank goodness I think this is going to work for me. It’s perfect for dusting around the face to get that perfect glow on.


Guerlain Terra Soleia

From Neiman Marcus…

This Summer, Guerlain introduces Terra Soleia, a complexion-enhancing bronzing powder that is a must-have for sun-kissed skin.

With its universal shade mixed with iridescent golden particles, you will be left with a naturally luminous tan.

Apply Terra Soleia to face, shoulders, neck, and decollete to enhance any tan with a subtle golden shimmery effect.


Guerlain Terra Soleia, swatched using a sponge tipped applicator, photo taken indoors in natural lighting


Guerlain Terra Soleia, swatched, photo taken outdoors; both applied heavily with a brush (left) and a sponge tip applicator (right)

As you can see even if I apply it heavily, the shimmer is not really that bad. With a fluffy brush and a light hand, one can achieve that summer glow with a light dusting around the face.

So have you indulged? Do share.


guess who came to the hospital with me…Guerlain Terra Soleia at UCLA Medical Center

xo, Emilie

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