Bdellium Tools Precision Kabuki 957 compared to Lancome 7 Precision Cheek and Sephora 62 PRO Buffing


Bdellium Tools Precision Kabuki 957

I was on the hunt for a spare kabuki and I thought I would give this brand a go. I wasn’t able to review this brand before buying but at $16.50 I thought I should try it out. It’s considerably more affordable compared to Sephora’s at $32 and Lancome’s at $48.50.


Bdellium Tools Precision Kabuki 957

According to the Bdellium website,

Bdellium Tools Travel Line of brushes are identical to the Studio Line but represent portability. Showcasing the same first-rate materials and superior quality, the Travel Line is for the person on the move. The same luxurious handles are delivered in a more compact form. Maintain flawless application without compromise using the Travel Line tools. All of the Travel Line brushes are treated with an antibacterial agent on the bristles.


Bdellium Tools Precision Kabuki 957

Perfect for flawless application
Luxuriously lacquered short wooden handles for convenient travel
Bristles are treated with an antibacterial agent to preserve skin quality
Extra soft and dense flat bristled head gives professional blushing effect
Ideal for application with liquid, cream various powder products


Bdellium Tools Precision Kabuki 957

Product Details
Product Length: 5.0 inches
Product Width: 0.25 inches
Product Height:0.25 inches
Package Length:5.0 inches
Package Width: 2.0 inches
Package Height:1.0 inches
Package Weight:0.05 pounds


Bdellium Tools Precision Kabuki 957

I originally bought the Sephora PRO Buffing Brush to use with my Chantecaille HD Perfecting Powder. To achieve optical blurring of pores it is best to pat the powder using a powder puff. So I figured the next best thing is to use a flat dense brush to achieve the same effect.

All brushes practically have the same brush head length. Bristle density varies with Sephora being the densest and Bdellium the least dense. I’ve washed all three several times and the Sephora brush has shed the most. Not that it shed a lot but compared to the other two, it has shed the most. I would’ve been completely happy with the Sephora brush but it bleeds like crazy. I mean it bleeds every single time I wash it. And for that reason I went searching for another brush. Enter Lancome Precision Cheek Brush.

The Lancome Precision Cheek Brush was almost perfect. The length of the handle is perfect for personal use. The bristles are soft but it’s less dense than the Sephora PRO Buffing Brush. I’ve had it for almost 2 months now and maybe it has shed about 3 hairs total since. It does not bleed which is a blessing.

The Bdellium Precision Kabuki is the least dense of the three. I’ve used it everyday for the past 2 weeks and it has shed maybe once. The bristles are soft and it doesn’t bleed when I wash it. For the price, I’m really satisfied with this brush. I would prefer a really dense brush but this does the job just as good as the Sephora and Lancome brushes.



Final Thoughts: I’m happy with my Bdellium Precision Kabuki. It is a good backup to my Sephora PRO Buffing and Lancome Precision Cheek Brushes. Will I be repurchasing anything from this line and/or this brand? Probably not, not unless it has a glowing review then I would reconsider.

xo, Emilie

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