Le Metier de Beaute’s Beauty Vault VIP September Edition

Despite how I feel about the company (refer to previous post), I have nothing against its products. And here is a subscription service that truly warrants its price. I will even say that it’s a steal and I’m pretty sure a lot will agree. It’s inaugural box was chock-full of happiness inside. For info and reviews please check out the following bloggers:


When I first saw the box, I immediately thought of how small it was. Fits the palm of my hand. But as I unboxed the whole thing I got excited. Creme Eye Shadow!

Product Info Card

Product Info Card


From the picture above, top shadow is Starry Night and bottom one is Champagne Shimmer. Both  beautiful on the pan.


Swatched using my fingertips. Left to right, Champagne Shimmer and Starry Night.

As I swirled my fingertips on the pot they feel very balm-like, almost like a lip product. It was not what I initially feel from a traditional cream eye shadow. In one swipe on the arm Champagne Shimmer gives an even semi-opaque finish than can be sheered out by using less amount than expected and blending it out. Now Starry Night didn’t come out even in one swipe. Swiping a smaller amount of product, it is sheerer than I expected but applies evenly. After swiping it I let it dry for a bit then let water run over it. I let it stay on my arm and it stayed put through hand washing and hand dishwashing. And I do both quite a lot. It stayed for 7 hours.

The Champagne Shimmer is a truly gorgeous highlighter. Especially for special day or event. It’s too much for me on a daily basis. Starry Night I believe is the star of the duo. It works over or under eyeshadow. Under eyeshadow, it’s the perfect base for a smoky look. Just let it dry for a bit before putting on eyeshadow otherwise the shadow will cling and stick to it and will refuse to  blend. Over your day eye makeup, it’s quite a unique product in this arena.  Just apply a little bit over your eye makeup and blend lightly and only for a bit. Smokes out your day look. Just finish with a fresh coat of eyeliner and mascara and you will be ready to party. This makes it a must for every ladies’ cosmetic bags.

I know it’s not available for retail right now but it is worth remembering to check out at least once they are available for purchase.

Were you able to avail of the subscription service? Looking into it? Please do tell.

xo, Emilie

One thought on “Le Metier de Beaute’s Beauty Vault VIP September Edition

  1. Yes, I do love these colors!! I have been applying with a brush, a bit less messy. After I work my way through the looks on the Stila Eye palette I’m going to start adding these colors and see what I come up with. This plus the Stila have totally inspired new eyes for me. Which were desperately needed because I was in a mascara-only rut.

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